Who we are

We are a family dedicated to the health, wealth and prosperity of our people.

As a family we have decided that our physical, mental, spiritual and financial freedom matter more than fitting into a mold.  We are a food growing, homeschooling family teaching each other how to be good stewards of time and resources.

With that said, this site offers a wide variety of wares, information and services on this site. Please Enjoy.

Griot Stories–Our Blog

griot (grē-ōˈ, grēˈō, grēˈŏt)

n.   A storyteller in western Africa who perpetuates the oral tradition and history of a village or family.

The storyteller has many stories to give. We all do. What can you teach today?  We have stories to share certainly, and we hope you will engage and enjoy

Since everything we need is here on Earth right now, we should learn to be self sufficient, self-determining, and well-read.

Our ancestors made self determination key to survival.

Griot stories is our letters to you, our readers, subscribers, friends, and family.

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